Our Vision for the Bilateral Relationship

As part of our revised strategy we have outlined an aspiration for the bilateral relationship. This serves to provide us as a reminder of the overarching intent we seek to achieve for the bilateral relationship and serves as our “north star”.

“Australia and India are globally recognised as the closest of bilateral partners, working collaboratively and equitably across a range of sectors for mutual prosperity.”

Our Mission

Our mission captures the essence of the AIYD and articulates how our organisation will contribute to delivering our vision for the bilateral relationship.

“AIYD brings outstanding young leaders in Australia and India together to create enduring relationships and to collaborate on initiatives that create sustainable outcomes for both countries.”

Our Measures of Success

  1. AIYD continues to nurture a diverse and equitable dialogue for outstanding young leaders from India and Australia which fosters strong people-to-people relationships
  2. AIYD leads an ecosystem consisting of Alumni, Supporters and Partners across sectors to influence policies, and invest in innovative and collaborative projects with outcomes that have a positive impact on the bilateral relationship
  3. The AIYD is considered as the foremost “young leadership” community which is a positive influencer and a contributor towards a sustainable and stronger bilateral relationship
Please refer to our AIYD strategy 2018 - 2022 below which captures in detail about our strategic ideas and plan to contribute positively and substantially to the bilateral relationship.