Rohan Mukherjee

Rohan Mukherjee is a PhD student in the department of politics at Princeton University, focusing on international politics and the rise of China and India. Prior to studying political science, he worked in international development and received a Masters in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School of Publicand International Affairs at Princeton. Rohan holds a Bachelor’s in philosophy, politics and economics (PPE) from the University of Oxford. His professional experience so far has spanned grass roots development work among indigenous communities in rural India, public policy research and analysis on education, housing and urbanisation for a prominent Indian think tank, and a stint with the National Knowledge Commission, a high-level government body set up by the Indian Prime Minister to recommend transformational changes for India’s education and research infrastructure.

In July 2011, Rohan and three others co-founded the Youth Forum on Foreign Policy (YFFP), an independent, non-partisan initiative designed to promote debate on foreign policy issues among young Indians, and to represent their views to practitioners and scholars of Indian foreign policy.