Amoghavarsha Js

Amoghavarsha is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker. He has travelled extensively, and documenting the planet’s bio-diversity and helping conserve through photographs and film. He has photographed the thick evergreens of Arunachal, the barren landscapes of Ladakh, the Western Ghats in south India and the vast plains of Africa.

He began his career as a Software Engineer at and worked with two Internet start-ups before he switched to full-time photography and filmmaking. Having worked as a naturalist and hailing from a technology background, he makes use of new media to help spread the message of conservation.

His recent projects include “Secrets of the King Cobra” – a National Geographic documentary and “Jaya hey Kannada Thaye” – India’s first wildlife music video which was launched on six channels and gained two million views in two days. He works closely with State Governments on wildlife and conservation based activities. He has been one of the main contributors for the mobile exhibition.