Gonul Serbest

Gonul Serbest is the Executive Director, Trade in the Department of Business and Innovation, State Government of Victoria. She leads a team that drives economic growth in Victoria by facilitating exports through the development of trade strategies to key markets such as India, China, SE Asia and Middle East. In the last year, Gonul has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the largest Super Trade Missions to leave Australia into India and China. Previously, Gonul was specifically charged with developing a dedicated Trade Engagement Program for India which resulted in a number of significant collaborations between Victorian and Indian companies. She has also served as Executive Director, International Coordination Office where she managed the Government’s network of international offices and was responsible for the successful delivery of Victoria’s trade and cultural activities at Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Gonul served on the Board of Radio 3ZZZ, Australia’s largest ethic community radio station, working with over 60 ethnic groups across multicultural Melbourne. Gonul has a Bachelor in Social Science (Hons) from RMIT University, and given her strong passion for India, recently undertook a Harvard Business School Course in Mumbai on Building Global Enterprise in India. In 2011 she completed the Committee for Melbourne’s Future Focus Group program: a two-year business leadership program for emerging leaders.
Gonul has a strong interest in film. Outside work you will find her watching the latest Hindi blockbusters. She enjoys the colour and excitement of these films and firmly believes that it is a medium which can connect and engage communities.