Kyle Kutasi

Kyle is the General Manager of PGS Industries, a leading engineer and manufacturer of electrical products based in Perth, Western Australia. He also recently started Westralian Goldfields Pty Ltd with two friends and the company is due to commence gold mining operations in the Eastern Goldfields region in late 2013. Prior to this, Kyle had a range of business experience, including growing up and working in his family’s food manufacturing business in Sydney. He moved into the electrical industry following a long stint (2006-2012) with the National Electrical Contractors Association, during four of which he was the State Secretary managing an organisation thatemployed 900 persons and is one of the most successful not-for-profit businesses in Australia.

Kyle received Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from the University of Sydney in 2004 and was admitted as a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2005, after which time he practised briefly as a Solicitor before gravitating back into the business world. He will complete an MBA at Henley Business School (U.K.) in 2013. He also had a brief stint actively involved in politics prior to 2005 which included a term as Vice President of the NSW Young Liberals in 2003. He is married with one child (so far) and is passionate follower of all things to do with Australian cricket, Balmain Tigers Rugby League and the Rangers Football Club.