Chris O’Neill

Chris is a Director of Hydronumerics Pty Ltd, an Australian-owned, international engineering consultancy specialising in large scale, complex water resource management.
Chris has over 12 years experience in water and wastewater engineering, urban water management, hydrology and environmental modelling in Australia and internationally. Chris is the Practice Leader for urban lake management, working with national and international clients to balance complex technical, financial and social issues in the sustainable management of high-value public assets. In addition, Chris is the Research Theme Leader for wastewater management, where Hydronumerics is exploring options to deliver low cost, sustainable wastewater treatment facilities for developing countries, and also the use of alternative techniques to optimise land-based treatment systems.

Since 2012, Chris has maintained a hectic travel schedule between Australia and India as part of Hydronumerics’ expansion into the Indian market. More recently, Chris launched the Australia-India Water and Environment Network, a bi-lateral funding organisation established to provide short-term professional exchange opportunities for Australian and Indian engineers, scientists and policy makers from all sectors within the environment portfolio. Chris holds degrees in Environmental Engineering, Economics and Finance and is due to submit his PhD in Applied Hydrology in 2014. Chris has previously been a member of the Board of the Australian Hydraulic Modellers’ Association, the Institute of Engineers Australia Sustainability Committee and was the Chair of the Victorian Modellers’ Group in 2012. In 2011 Chris was elected as a next generation leader in water resource management as part of DFAT’s Australia-Korea Foundation Next Generation Leadership Program.