Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw was appointed Executive Director of the UN Association of Australia in
2010. The UNAA engages the community in the work of the UN through public
events, national campaigns and various publications and lobbies the government to
support UN bodies.

In addition to degrees in Arts and Law, Elizabeth has completed a Masters of Public
Policy at the ANU and was awarded a scholarship to complete coursework at the
University of Oxford. Prior to this, Elizabeth worked as a solicitor at the State Solicitor’s
Office in Perth (2007 – 2010).

In 2008, Elizabeth was selected to be the Australian Youth Representative to the UN,
consulting with over 5,000 young Australians before presenting her findings at the UN
General Assembly in New York.

Elizabeth has a strong interest in international relations, participating in the Australian
American Young Leadership Dialogue and interning for US Senator Richard G. Lugar,
ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Elizabeth is a qualified
company director, serving on the Board of Directors of UN Women Australia, the UN
Youth Foundation and Global Voices, and previously on the Board of the Inspire
Foundation (2009 – 2013) and Left Right Think Tank (2009 – 2012).