Alex Kats

Alex Kats has over 15 years’ experience working in and around Australian government institutions, and has worked in all three tiers of government. He is currently the Project Manager for Workforce and International Development at Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA), a leading professional association representing the local government sector across the country. In recent years, he co-wrote a national strategy on future-proofing local government, and has organised annual forums on combating skills shortages and enhancing Indigenous employment in the sector. He has also co-written reports on matters of diversity in the local government sector, including the use of language, literacy and numeracy in regional areas, and mature age talent retention. He has also started working with partner organisations to develop capacity-building programs for local government officials across the Asia-Pacific region.

This comes on the back of nearly five years at the Australian APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Study Centre, where he organised many more than 30 AusAID and other government-funded capacity development and best practice programs in Australia and across. Alex was also involved in activities associated with Australia hosting APEC in 2007. Previously, he worked for a federal MP, both in Melbourne and in Canberra, as an advisor, speech writer and coordinator of many of the committees that the MP was on. He has also lived in London, New York and Jerusalem for short periods, where he worked for government departments and other public sector institutions.

Alex has been an active volunteer within the Jewish community and at large communal events, including international film and writer’s festivals and sporting events such as the Sydney Olympics and Melbourne Commonwealth Games. In 2011 he was selected as a participant on the Young Professionals Services and Leadership Trip to India, following which he worked temporarily at the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet, co-organising the then Premier’s State Visit to India.