Rebecca White

Elected to Government in 2010, Rebecca held the portfolios of Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and for the Cost of Living, and was promoted to the role of Minister for Human Services in 2014. In these roles, Rebecca developed and launched a Small Business Strategy for Tasmania that provided programs and support for small business to increase market share and reduce costs. Rebecca also worked to develop a Cost of Living Strategy for Tasmania, the first state in Australia to do so. This strategy used compressive research to develop an evidence base for the implementation of a range of programs aimed at helping people manage their cost of living expenses.In the role of Minister for Human Services, Rebecca helped develop policy the Labor party took to the March 2014 state election outlining ways to improve participation in the workforce for vulnerable Tasmanians as well as continuing to support disability and housing clients of the Tasmanian Government. Since the March 2014 election, Rebecca has held the portfolio of Shadow Minister for Health and Human Services in the Labor opposition in the Tasmanian Parliament.

Rebecca graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2004 with a combined Commerce and Arts degree with majors in international business management and marketing, journalism and political science.