Dorjee Sun

Dorjee is a founder and director of the Home Group which owns equity in companies that work in the areas of conservation, agriculture, philanthropy and technology. Dorjee is also a founder and director of Carbon Conservation which owns equity in large scale sustainability and carbon conservation projects globally and was also the subject of an award winning documentary, “The Burning Season”, narrated by Hugh Jackman which explained how orang-utan conservation and avoided deforestation could be tied in to generate alternative monetary incentives. The African Rainforest Conservancy honored Dorjee with an Earth Day Award and by naming a newly discovered blue spotted species of chameleon from the Tanzania rainforest – the “Kinyongia dorjeesuni”.

Dorjee has also been named one of TIME Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment, a World Economic Forum Global Leaders of Tomorrow, CPA Top 20 Business Leaders, one of Esquire Magazine’s 5 Gentlemen of Philanthropy, one of the Young Leaders by The Australian newspaper, he has won the Asialink Leaders Program Alumni Award, was named an Asia Society 21 Fellow, a World Cities Summit Future Leader, is the Chairman Nexus Youth Philanthropy Singapore Conference, on the board for the Nexus Youth Philanthropy Australia Conference and his work has been covered in Wall Street Journal, Fortune, TIME, Esquire, ABC, PBS, BBC, Discovery, CNBC, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and other media outlets.