Rishabh Gulati

Rishabh is the News Editor and a prime time Anchor at a national English language news channel in India, NewsX. His primary responsibilities range from helping to take editorial decisions, overseeing minute-by-minute news coverage and managing the newsroom and news flow especially during breaking news situations. A student of journalism from the University of Delhi and later International Relations from the University of Manchester, he specialises in the study of the political history, of not only his native country, but also the world.

Rishabh has also founded and manages forums and organisations targeted to build capacity, leadership qualities and skills development in key social policy areas. He was the founding President of Leaders for Tomorrow which is a youth organisation targeting skills development, he currently chairs Global Youth, a forum to encourage young people in India to partake in the formulation of strategic and foreign policy; as well as The Aethos Initiative which looks to promote youth participation in social policy. He’s also a stage actor and director and a published poet.