Achyutha Sharma

Achyutha has a decade of experience in Brand, Design, Retail and Marketing. He is a fashion graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi. He currently runs Collaborative Community, a brand and design consulting firm that works with start-up businesses and the development sector. The brand firm has worked with start-ups and other businesses in the area of apparel, food & beverage, e-commerce, and retail brand across sectors. In the development sector, it has worked with diverse non-profit and social enterprises across themes such as education, livelihood, craft, energy, water and sanitation. He also runs Sulochana Development Trust, a charitable trust that supports Creative Arts & Design for Social Impact.

He has been a speaker at Indian and international conferences, a fellow with AIYD 2014, Acumen Fund India fellow 2014 and has been nominated for the Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards 2012 by British Council India.

Achyutha’s interest specifically in the Australian-Indian relationship is in the area of design, entrepreneurship, social sector, arts & culture. He is continuing the Samaanata dialogue on craft & culture that originated from an Australian project. Achyutha is passionate about building brands and articulates his insights under Designing Growth and Design Impact blogs.