Anukriti Pandey

An ex-civil servant with the Government of India and a current Writer/Creative Director in the Indian film and television industry, I am having an exciting life journey. I work with 21st Century Fox and specifically for the Content Studio of Star India Private Limited.

I come from a small town, studied in the national capital and work in the financial capital of India. Each phase of my life has contributed to a more holistic world-view, and am still growing daily. Formally having studied English Literature and Sociology at Lady Shri Ram College and Delhi School of Economics respectively, I am immensely interested in the world and its people.

Storytelling is my way of both coping with life and living it meaningfully. I want to take Indian TV and cinema to a level where we are truly proud of what we produce. I am resolved to work towards that end ceaselessly.

Books, music, theatre, cinema and the arts in general are things that I surround myself with, all the time. I travel a lot and love learning from every new experience. I hope more and more people realise how important it is to celebrate variety and cultural relativity, especially in the context of today’s world when we are mostly drifting apart. I incorporate those themes in my stories and execute the thought too.

I love sports and play badminton, table-tennis and basketball. And I think every problem in the world can be solved with good food.