Kushan Mitra

Kushan Mitra is the Managing Editor of The Pioneer. His career in journalism started a decade and a half ago, when as a Masters student he started working in The Hindustan Times as an intern covering the booming Indian business sector. As the India story started to take off in various sectors such as telecom, automotive and aviation, he carried on writing and reporting stories from across the country and quit his studies because seeing the India story unfold in front of him was fascinating. He moved on to Business Today, India’s leading business magazine, as a features writer and wrote stories on virtually every sector of the Indian economy as well as Indian polity. He rose through the ranks in nine years, ending up as a Senior Associate Editor.

Kushan then moved to The Pioneer, India’s second-oldest English daily, to write on various sectors, look after digital initiatives and at extending the brand. In addition to writing stories on Indian business, he is a long-time motorhead and a motoring journalist, although he prefers the term ‘motor noter’ and has been reviewing life on four wheels for his publications and others over the years.