Linh Do

Linh Do is a social change advocate and has been working on environmental issues since 2006. She has a background in community organising, campaigning, journalism and strategy development. Linh has worked with a wide array of individuals, from high school students to UNEP and the Reuters Foundation. Linh co-founded OurSay, a technology service, and is currently the editor-in-chief at The Verb, an environmental newswire service telling the stories that matter. It specialises in covering the UN processes through localising and humanising climate change stories.

Linh obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Environmental Studies) from the University of Melbourne. She has completed a fellowship at the Centre for Sustainability Leadership and further professional studies at the Harvard Kennedy School.

In 2013, Linh was named a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Australian Geographic Young Conservationist of the Year and one of Junior Chamber International Outstanding Young Persons of the World. She is signed with BookedOut Agency and Claxton Speakers. Linh is based in Melbourne with extensive overseas experience.