Michael O’Sullivan

Michael O’Sullivan is the Managing Director of an advisory practice called Formula. Before starting up Formula Advisory Network Pvt Limited and taking his role as Managing Director, Michael had close to 15 years experience with a leading Chartered Accounting Firm in Sydney, Australia. During this period Michael specialised in the field of outsourced accounting and financial services. Before he left the firm in December 2013 he had successfully developed and implemented their outsourcing business model which was turning over more than $10 million AUD per annum.

Michael spent a majority of those years travelling to India and spent his final 12 months with the firm based in India, living there full time. It was during those 12 months that Michael came to realise an opportunity existed for him to start his own company in India. By drawing on his expertise and experience, he could help other businesses around the world implement their own outsourcing business models.

Formula was incorporated in January 2014 which saw Michael actively involved in the development of IT, recruitment and training. Formula now has more than 60 staff on the ground that report to him every day. Michael is always available for his member firm clients and continues to liaise with member firm offices on a daily basis, he plays a key role in aligning cultures between the offices and ensuring workflow between offices remain accurate and timely