Sahil Shekhar

Sahil is a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he helps governments and leading companies solve strategic and operational problems.

He has previously worked as a Consultant with the World Bank and with various federal and city governments. He worked with Mumbai’s Municipal Government to implement a city-wide school reform program. He has also worked with the Government of India to help draft the National Policy on Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, and to launch the Skill India campaign. Sahil is a Director of Tappl, a mobile-based platform that uses peer-feedback to better match job seekers to jobs.

An economist by training, Sahil completed his Masters at the Harvard Kennedy School, where his research focused on strategies to make India’s labor and education markets more efficient and meritocratic. His thesis, ‘Putting India to Work: Resolving Information Failures to Fill the Skill Gap’ was awarded an Honorable Mention for Distinguished Performance. He has also worked with the McKinsey Global Institute, a leading think-tank, to produce and publish ‘Reverse the Curse: Maximizing the Potential of Resource-Driven Economies’.