Arijit Banarji

Arijit is a former Editor of Sydney-based freemium Indian diaspora news publication, ‘The Indian Telegraph’. He also ran a start up Down Under in design and prints. Arijit became the name and face of his publication and brought an offline product into digital media, mainly by use of social media. He was also awarded the ‘Young Journalist Award’ in 2015 from the New South Wales Govt, Parliamentary Counsel’s Office.

In late 2014, Arijit answered the call of the motherland and landed a spot in the digital world of News World India (formerly Focus News).

In 2016, he was part of the founding team of Buffalo Soldiers Media & Strategists, where he brings in his experiences and skills as his start-up keeps growing, mainly focusing on creating the first medium for global football fans to connect and interact called ‘FootTheBall’ which made in the top 15 start ups by UberPitch India, 2016 and is in top 30 start ups by leAD Sports Accelarator (Berlin) 2017.