Jessie Meaney-Davis

Jessie is a young professional working in international development and advocacy at Oxfam Australia. Since 2013 she has worked with Oxfam in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to support program design, monitoring, reporting and evaluation; business development; communications; and implementation of aid policies related to child protection, disability inclusion and gender mainstreaming in development projects.

Jessie first travelled to India in 2007. Since then she has studied South Asian Studies and Hindi at the Australian National University; studied Hindi at Delhi University for one year; conducted research with a human rights organisation based in Delhi; and written extensively on social policies in India and South Asia through a Master of Social Policy at the University of Melbourne.

She has a particular interest in women’s rights, women’s movements and government policies’ effects on women, in both Australia and South Asia. She has researched and written about these topics with Indian Non-Government Organisations, Australian Non-Government Organisations, and former Member of Parliament Mr Robert Oakeshott.