Karensa Menzies

Karensa is an agri-food development specialist committed to delivering impact for dairy and agricultural communities through a value chain approach both in Australia and globally.

With a PhD in dairy science, Karensa has over 15 years professional experience working across the realms of science, education, research & development (R&D), the public and private sectors, policy advisory, investment and international market place development to foster progressive and sustainable agricultural supply chains, businesses and industries. Prior senior positions include the Industry Development Specialist for the Australian dairy industry, Innovation Manager of an R&D program spanning the dairy supply chain, Lactation Research Fellow, as well as regional and international roles in research and education for dairy and broader agricultural sectors.

Karensa has led many strategic initiatives for the Australian dairy industry and continues to work with industry bodies, government, dairy companies, education providers while also an active contributor to Australia’s first agri-tech start-up community. Current interests include fostering responsible resource stewardship and openness to market needs; integration of digital technology, transparency, traceability, food safety, environmental and social accountability; developing people and capability through innovative learning frameworks. In recent years, Karensa has spent periods in India understanding the local dairy industry and advising new dairy operations.

Karensa has sat on number of key agricultural councils and advisory committees, and continues to serve on education industry reference committees. She is a member of multiple Australian dairy industry national R,D&E Steering Committees, and the (University of Melbourne) Food Industry & Value Chain Transformation Research Hub Industry Advisory Board.