Wesa Chau

Wesa Chau is Director of Cultural Intelligence, a specialist consulting company that helps other organisations harness the power of cultural diversity and co-founder of Poliversity, a partisan independent body that promotes culturally diverse leadership, representation and recognition.

She was a participant in the inaugural Pathways to Politics program for women at the University of Melbourne and ran as a federal candidate for the seat of Higgins in 2013. Her efforts and contributions are recognised and was named 2010 Young Victorian of the Year, the Victorian Honour Roll of Women 2012 and finalist Agenda Setter of the Year in 2016. She is a current PhD candidate exploring the topic of political skills in politics. In 2016, she was awarded the inaugural Swinburne-Scanlon Intercultural Fellowship, travelling to India and Malaysia to understand intercultural relations in both of these countries.

She is also a regular commentator on television and radio and has published a range of articles and opinion pieces on international education, cultural diversity and Asian Diaspora. Additionally Wesa serves on the Board of Carers Victoria and the Ministerial Council on Women’s Equality. Wesa holds a Masters in Business Management; Graduate Diploma of Law; Bachelor of Engineering and Commerce, and is a qualified teacher.