Devi Murthy

Devi is the Founder & CEO of Kamal Kisan, a for-profit social enterprise which helps farmer livelihood by improving farm output and reducing input costs for small and marginal farmers through affordable precision farm mechanization solutions and a supporting ecosystem to enable them to leverage these effectively. Kamal Kisan’s work has been recognized and awarded internationally for its impact with small farmers by Syngenta Foundation and Bayer Foundation.
As a woman entrepreneur, Devi brings a deep sense of empathy and compassion especially to the large unseen women’s labor force that is the backbone of agriculture in India. Devi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Drexel University, USA and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. She has over a decade experience in Product Development & Business Development in innovation and manufacturing. She has been awarded by Rotary India as Social Entrepreneur of the year (2017) and is an INK Fellow (2018).