Rachel Nicol

Rachel fulfills an important multifaceted role at Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics. Since joining the company in 2009 she has worked to improve pyrotechnic and explosive management systems and just two years into the role appeared in the 2011 National Geographic Mega Factories: Pyrotechnics documentary. Renowned for working with leaders across industry, corporations and governments, Rachel was appointed to sit on the Australian Chamber Explosives Reference Group – Strategic Issues on Explosives (SIG-Explosives) in explosives legislation reform and in 2016 was selected to participate in the Standards Australia Young Leaders Program. Passionate about their family farm and the rich offerings of rural and regional Australia, Rachel became the youngest and first female Chair of the NSW Farmers Association Hartley Branch and in January 2018 was selected as an emerging leader in the National Farmers Federation EU-UK trade delegation. Rachel also holds elected positions on the Rural Affairs Committee and Chair of Young Farmers presenting as a speaker and panellist at the Unicef Youth Drought Summit. Rachel’s interests are vast and attributes her love of STEM to early experiences at the Siemens Science School and National Youth Science Forum, returning as a host emcee. As someone who fiercely believes in the benefits of life-long learning she enjoys diversity of ideas and disciplines, involved in a number of projects in youth engagement and entrepreneurship, STEM, business and community development. Rachel is a graduate of the Australian Mental Health Leaders Fellowship with the National Mental Health Commission and sits on a number of advisory groups.