Anand Barot

Anand leads the BOUNCE Inc India business. Anand is a Director of Stratospheric Entertainment Pvt Limited (SEPL) that has got BOUNCE Inc to India. SEPL holds the exclusive rights for BOUNCE Inc in India which is a team strength of 100 Employees (Venue and HQ staff). BOUNCE India recently launched its first venue in Mumbai which is 42,000 sq ft with over 130+ Trampolines and over 20 activities

In his career, Anand has had the best of the both of worlds having studied and graduated as top of his batch in both IIT Bombay and IIM Lucknow. Anand has had significant exposure with industry leaders and top brands of the world such as the Boston Consulting Group and American Express. After a diverse experience, Anand decided to take the plunge and took to entrepreneurship.