Margaret Faux

Margaret is the Founder and CEO of international medical administration company,Synapse Medical Services, a Lawyer and Registered Nurse, who has been involved in the administration of health financing transactions for over 30 years. Synapse’s disruptive technologies are designed to relieve doctors, hospitals and governments from manual, expensive, inefficient administrative processes and redirect health budgets to patient care.

Synapse operates in multiple health systems around the world and, as the CEO of a rapidly expanding global business, with over 100 staff in three countries, Margaret travels the world extensively on business and is regularly asked to speak at various forums on the topic of health financing systems.

Margaret is also a published PhD researcher on the topic of Australia’s health financing system, Medicare, and will submit her doctorate 2020. She contributes regularly to peer review journals, public health blogs and radio forums, and is considered one of Australia’s leading experts on the legal and administrative structure and operation of Australia’s health system.

Margaret is passionate about technology and drives innovation in her business using disruptive technologies to streamline health service delivery and stay ahead of the curve and, as an entrepreneur, she is constantly looking for new ways to improve efficiencies in health administration around the world.