Aniket Doegar

Aniket Doegar is the CEO and co-founder of HESPL (Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Private Limited), a social impact organisation working on easing access to welfare. An alumnus of SRCC, Delhi, Aniket first started out in the development sector as a TFI (Teach for India) Fellow. Over the course of the last 12 years, he has co-founded non-profits and various other organisations in this space. Recently, he was also an Acumen Fellow and Forbes 30 under 30 Asia awardee 2019. For the last six years, Aniket has been leading the Haqdarshak team with his passionate drive for creating impact at scale. Aniket was on the advisory board of Teach for India and is also currently a board of trustee at the YP foundation. 

Haqdarshak uses a mobile app and field force of 10,000+ trained women agents to help citizens discover, apply for, and benefit from Government and Private schemes / benefits. They have helped 2 Million+ families and micro businesses get 500 Million USD+ in benefits, while the women entrepreneurs have earned over 1 million USD + in the last 6 years.