The AIYD plays a key role in advocating the importance of youth in the Australia-India relationship. Accordingly, the AIYD encourages its delegates and alumni to publish taskforce reports and submissions on issues that are pertinent in both Australia and India.

In the past, AIYD alumni and Steering Committee members have collaborated to prepare taskforce reports on Sports and Education; a submission for the Australian Government’s White Paper on ‘Australia in the Asian Century’, and annual reports which include summaries of discussions which took place during previous AIYD conferences. Each of these publications may be accessed by clicking on the above tabs.


The ‘Build Back Better: A Post-COVID19 Recovery Strategy’ outlines a vision of young leaders for the Australia-India bilateral relationship in a post-pandemic world. Grounded in consultations with our vast, diverse and illustrious alumni from across the 10 years of AIYD, key industry leaders and emerging leaders, this Recovery Strategy offers a suite of ideas and recommendations that we believe will help drive the recovery of key sectors in the bilateral relationship in the next 12 months and three to five years.


The AIYD Alumni trends report offers valuable insights for policy makers, diplomats, researchers and business people interested in the bilateral relationship on what young leaders believe are:

  • Areas of the relationship we’ve progressed
  • Issues that need resolving or addressing – in particular as they relate to the themes of the dialogue for each year
  • Areas of future opportunity

The report also represents and reflects the opinion of some of the leading young entrepreneurs, politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, corporate and NGO leaders and sports people across both countries who have an interest and investment in the bilateral relationship from our Alumni community.

Please feel free to download or share the reports and we look forward to feedback, collaboration opportunities and idea exchange with diverse stakeholders across sectors invested in the bilateral relationship.


AIYD Submission to the 2018 Australian Government’s India Economic Strategy: In late 2017, the Australia India Youth Dialogue made a submission as part of the consultation process into the Australian Government’s development of its India Economic Strategy. The submission highlights four key areas:

  • Young leaders want to collaborate more and want innovative projects to be more visible;
  • Cultural understanding needs to be at the heart of Australia’s engagement with India,
  • We should explore new methods of collaboration – putting young leaders front and centre of the emerging economic strategy will pay dividends for Australia
  • The AIYD can be leveraged to build stronger economic ties.

The AIYD made a submission to the Australian Government on its White Paper on ‘Australia in the Asian Century’ in 2012. The submission was cited numerous times in the Government’s final White Paper.


Sports Taskforce Report 2014


The AIYD Sports Taskforce Report outlines key challenges and opportunities associated with international sporting exchange between India and Australia. The report was commissioned by the AIYD and co-authored by AIYD alumni Amrut Joshi and Jacob Taylor. The authors are of the view that India and Australia, as regional partners with shared elements of institutional and cultural history, must together take ownership of the task of ensuring the maintenance of sporting integrity in the Indo-Pacific region in the 21st Century. The AIYD Sports Taskforce Report may be viewed below. Alternatively, to download the AIYD Sports Taskforce Report. please click below link.


Education Taskforce Report 2014


The AIYD Education Taskforce Report investigates education systems in both countries and identifies key opportunities for sharing, synergising and mutually benefiting from each other’s experience and expertise. The report was commissioned by the AIYD and authored by AIYD alumnus Srijan Pal Singh. The author is of the view that India and Australia share an opportunity of mutual benefit in the educational sector which has the potential to have an indirect beneficial effect on other sectors. However, to begin the process it is essential to bring the required political motivation and industrial interest which can spur appropriate policies and support towards such a synergy. The AIYD Education Taskforce Report may be viewed below. Alternatively, to download the AIYD Education Taskforce Report. please click below link.



Following each AIYD annual conference, the AIYD Steering Committee prepares a report showcasing short summaries of discussions that took place during the conference. For summaries of discussions during past AIYD annual conferences, please click on the links for each year below.