Vidyanand Sagaram

Vidyanand Sagaram has been with the Victorian Government for over a decade managing diverse portfolios for the South Asian region including Skilled and Business Migration, Creative Industries, Diplomacy Projects, and Government Engagement. In his current role as Director for Strategic Projects he has a primary focus on delivering Victoria’s whole-of-government international initiatives
in South Asia. To deliver the key initiatives and priorities of the government he has been engaging very closely with the Indian governments, industry groups and various Victorian departments.

He is also currently on the Executive Council of the Indo Australian Chamber of Commerce and the Executive Committee of the School of Policy and Governance, India.

Vidya was also the Director for the Australia India Youth Dialogue, a pre-eminent track-two young
emerging leaders’ dialogue between Australia and India. He holds a Master’s degree from Monash University, Melbourne and a Graduate Certificate in Public Policy from Takshashila Institute, India.